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Best comment about the 12th Doctor’s regeneration into a woman…

28 December 2017

On the role of the House of Commons…

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“What I said was correct. This was the expressed will of the House. If people choose not to take part in a Division, they cannot suddenly say, “Well, we didn’t lose”. We are elected to come to this place to debate and decide what our position is on motions. If people choose not to vote, […]

19 October 2017

Bloody Awful Hero shop

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer related t-shirts and other products in my CafePress shop. Shop Now:  

1 August 2017

Vote Labour to save the NHS

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Thought I’d fill out one of these social media surveys… Can you do this without lying? Absolutely. 1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth? An intention to Vote Labour to save the NHS. 2. Where was profile picture taken? On my sofa where I decided to Vote Labour to save the […]

7 June 2017

Eurovision Fashion Trends 2017

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Well, for all the stuff about winners wearing white, it turned out not to be a popular colour. Black was the most favoured (16 acts), with white trailing at 6 acts. Grey was the next favoured, with red also chosen by a couple. See through skirts and full leg slits, whilst popular in the semis, […]

14 May 2017

May the Fourth Be With You

Science Fiction

Star Wars, Carrie Fisher and the subject of mental health are all subjects close to my heart, so obviously I had to join in with this. #glitterforcarrie    

4 May 2017

Websites Update

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I’m aware it’s been ages since I updated my sites. Sometimes life gets in the way of, well, life. I’ve been busily updating sites and creating a few new ones. This site has been given a makeover to be a better hub for all my stuff. Photo galleries have been improved. I’m still shuffling the content […]

4 April 2017



Breaking news: Prime Minister gets officiously politically correct about the appropriate use of the word ‘Easter’ in relation to an advertising promotion/charitable chocolate egg hunt. Presumably this is an attempt to regain the title of “Dottiest Thing Said by a Tory Politician This Week” against stiff competition.

4 April 2017

One day it just happens. You don’t plan it. You don’t expect it.


I wonder, is it inevitable?   One day it just happens. You don’t plan it. You don’t expect it.   One day the words just come tumbling out of your mouth.   “All pop music sounds the same these days.” And instantly you realise what you’ve done; what’s happened.   But nothing can take the […]

23 February 2016

Milifandom: The fan girls are coming.

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Yesterday something a bit weird happened. Ed Miliband Has Developed A Small But Growing Fandom Of Teen Girls

22 April 2015